Could one accident ruin your NEMT company? Discover your top options for reliable, affordable non-emergency medical transportation insurance.

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If your company provides non-emergency medical transportation (NEMT), it’s crucial to have the workers compensation coverage necessary to protect your employees and business. Accidents happen, and your employees may suffer an injury while providing transportation services. One unfortunate accident during transport can put your company at risk and threaten the health and well-being of your valuable employees or damage your company vehicles.

While many insurance companies will charge exorbitant rates for this coverage, you have budget-friendly options to protect your business and employees through non-emergency medical transportation insurance from Coastal Work Comp Brokers. We believe you deserve fair, affordable coverage for the NEMT industry. Like any other industry, you must have coverage to ensure your employees have what they need if they suffer from an on-the-job accident. That’s why Coastal Work Comp Brokers connects you with tailored non-emergency medical transportation coverage to protect your business from financial hardships related to accidents that are all too common in the transportation industry.

Does Insurance Cover Non-Emergency Medical Transportation?

Unfortunately, many workers compensation plans do not cover the NEMT industry. And, if they do, it’s common for the premiums to be too high, making it unaffordable for your transportation company. The good news is that Coastal Work Comp Brokers now offers a way to buy coverage that may reduce your non-emergency medical transportation rates by as much as 30 to 40%.

Our NEMT insurance plans are designed to protect your business, employees, and vehicles as you transport clients with special needs for non-emergency trips and appointments. This coverage is typically a package of a few different types of insurance, including professional and general liability, auto and physical damage, and workers compensation coverage.

The Risks of Providing Non-Emergency Medical Transportation Services

As one of the fastest-growing patient transport fields in the transportation industry, NEMT services come with unique challenges and risks. Your employees make dozens of trips each week, transporting clients to appointments and home again. The nature of the job exposes employees and your vehicles to several risks.

Common scenarios requiring coverage for your employees include:

  • Vehicle accidents during transport
  • Physical injuries from lifting or moving clients
  • Incidents of physical or sexual abuse

Neglecting to offer crucial non-emergency medical transportation coverage can leave your business vulnerable to excessive out-of-pocket costs or even lawsuits. Let Coastal Work Comp Brokers provide the protection you need to operate your business with confidence, even if an accident occurs.

Non-Emergency Medical Transportation Insurance Requirements

Investing in coverage for your NEMT company’s employees and vehicles will safeguard your business’s future. There are some requirements to keep in mind as you seek the right NEMT insurance to meet your needs. The top non-emergency medical transportation insurance companies will have a list of rating factors and requirements to consider that will impact the coverage and cost.

NEMT insurance requirements for employees may include:

  • Full-time, part-time, or subcontracted employee of the NEMT company
  • Trained by the NEMT company on the specific tasks of the job
  • Complies with work instructions the company provides
  • Works specific hours set by the company
  • Receives hourly, weekly, or monthly compensation from the company

While the coverage mandated for subcontractors may differ from other employees, it’s imperative to provide NEMT coverage for all employees to mitigate risk.

NEMT insurance requirements for company vehicles may include:

  • Driver age must meet the requirements of the insurance company.
  • Vehicle age, condition, and seating capacity must meet the requirements of the insurance company.
  • Vehicles must be equipped with specific features such as safety equipment, wheelchair access, and other features determined by the insurance company or NEMT company.
  • Written procedures detailing vehicle and employee requirements.

Non-Emergency Medical Transportation Insurance Cost

Wondering what you can expect to pay for non-emergency medical transportation rates? The NEMT coverage cost will vary greatly depending on several factors, including:

  • Service area location and average travel radius
  • Driving history of employees
  • Value of the vehicles providing the transportation
  • Transportation vehicles’ make, model, and age
  • Claims history
  • NEMT coverage needs

Coastal Work Comp Brokers can help you assess these factors and connect you with the non-emergency medical transportation insurance that’s right for your business, offers adequate coverage, and works for your budget.

How Do I Purchase Non-Emergency Medical Transportation?

NEMT is considered a high-risk industry, which is why you’ll find most coverage options are very expensive. Coastal Work Comp Brokers makes purchasing the coverage you need hassle-free and more affordable. Our team of brokers specializes in coverage for high-risk industries and is dedicated to finding the perfect NEMT insurance fit for your business.

Coastal Work Comp Brokers is a good match for your company’s NEMT coverage needs if you:

  • Employ 5-500 workers.
  • Want to find a way to lower your non-emergency medical transportation insurance premiums.
  • Have an expensive policy through the State Fund.
  • Were recently given a non-renewal notice from your current carrier.
  • Have loss runs that are less than ideal.
  • Have a high experience modification rating.
  • Don’t want to pay a hefty deposit.
  • Want to eliminate annual audits.
  • Want to avoid lawsuits.

At Coastal Work Comp Brokers, we do not shy away from finding coverage for high-risk and niche industries—we welcome and embrace them. In addition, we are proud to offer pay-as-you-go plans to reduce your premiums and make paying for coverage far less painful.

Choose the Nation’s Top-Rated Non-Emergency Medical Transportation Insurance Company

Without adequate non-emergency medical transportation insurance, your NEMT company is one accident away from extreme financial hardship that can even bankrupt your business. Put your mind at ease and your trust in the reliable team of NEMT coverage experts at Coast Work Comp Brokers. We understand the unique needs of the NEMT industry and make it easier than ever to find and purchase the perfect coverage to protect your business.

Let our brokers shop around for the best, most affordable NEMT insurance rates and options to ensure your company’s success today and in the future. Call 1-800-411-0733 for expert help to find the optimal non-emergency medical transportation insurance option for your company. Request a quote today!