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Are you looking for the best workers comp rates for janitorial services? Learn more about the economical, pay-as-you-go packages from Coastal Work Comp.

Are you searching for the best workers comp rates for your janitorial staff? Most of the janitorial employers are looking online to find economical coverage pacakges that will allow them to adhere to workman comp laws, but the search can be enormous.

The last thing you want to worry about as an employer is how much coverage costs, especially when it could affect your business and employees. But neglecting this vital protection leaves everyone vulnerable!

Janitorial employees across the country have a difficult time finding affordable, quality coverage. That’s why Coastal Work Comp was created! Our mission is to make sure that you’re taken care of no matter what type or size your business so all professional cleaners can stay healthy while they work in this tough economy.”

Workers’ comp insurance is not just about protecting your business, it’s also an investment in the safety of workers. We work with you to find policies that meet all of your needs and budget so we can keep both premises secure!

The best way to understand what you need is by talking with a professional, and we here at Coastal Work Comp are ready for your call. We will take the time needed so that all of our clients’ needs can be met in regards from their unique situation.

What You Need to Know About Janitorial Workers Comp

Hiring a new employee can be risky business. In the wake of any accidents, businesses are often subject to costly lawsuits and bankruptcies as they struggle with medical care costs for employees who’ve been injured on your company’s property or at work – even if it was not entirely their fault! Workman comp laws protect both employers AND employees in these unfortunate circumstances so you never need worry about how much money will disappear after an incident without proper protection: We have all seen what happens when there isn’t enough coverage available…

The risks are too high, and you have too much to lose. Your business is literally on the line- which means that if something happens it can put your company in ruins!

Why Workers’ Comp Insurance for High-Risk Industries Is Essential

Janitorial staff and office cleaners have some of the highest rates of injuries in the workplace. It is in your best interest to purchase sufficient coverage for employees even if a state does not require it. Without it, all it takes is one accident to devastate or even bankrupt your company.

Still, the truth remains—janitorial employers often struggle to obtain coverage outside of the state workers’ compensation fund because they are in a high-risk industry.

The plans seem cost-prohibitive. It’s like being in an impossible situation. Rather than playing a game of risk with your business, let our team at Coastal Work Comp Brokers help.

Safeguard Your Janitorial Business and Employees

Working with a workers’ compensation insurance plan can help protect your business and employees. The right coverage means the financial burden is taken off of you, so that all focus may be on what matters most: running an efficient company!

Hence, once an employee settles his or her claim through the insurance company he/she will not be able to bring any lawsuit against your business for injuries sustained during work hours.

Workers’ Compensation Limits Protect Your Company

Work comp coverage is important for any business that has employees. This type of insurance protects the company from lawsuits related to injuries or illnesses incurred during work hours, which can arise when an employee suffers a bad injury on-the job and/or decides to sue you as their employer in hopes of getting compensation money damages – but only if they’ve reached maximum limitations set by law!

How Are Workers Compensation Rates Calculated?

If you are wondering what to expect regarding workers comp rates for a high-risk industry like janitorial, it helps to know how the rates are calculated.

Insurance companies use a formula based on the janitorial workers comp class code, which is the National Council on Compensation Insurance (NCCI) Class Code 9014.

They calculate the final amount based on the rates NCCI designates to this classification, multiplying the rate by every $100 of payroll assigned to each class code.

The payroll figure is a snapshot of what you’ve earned for the year. Another factor going into the calculation is the Experience Modification (EM) number, which starts at one and increases each time there is a workplace accident.

So the calculation is:

Payroll x Classification Rate x Experience Modification Number = Workers Comp Rate or Premium.

Clearly, a higher classification rate for high-risk industries like janitorial combined with a higher EM number means you will have higher workers’ compensation insurance premiums.

The good news is that Coastal Work Comp Brokers can match your business with a pay-as-you-go-plan to make coverage as affordable as possible. There’s no need to go without it!

How Much Is the Average Workers Comp Settlement?

The NCCI reports that the average janitorial workers comp claims for lost-time is more than $23,000. Imagine having to come up with that money out-of-pocket. Many companies would simply have to close their doors, which is why having the necessary coverage is crucial.

The amount of money an injured employee receives will depend on several factors, including:

  • Nature of the injuries
  • Amount of time out of work
  • Rehabilitation necessary
  • Disability

Workers’ compensation cases can take many different forms. Sometimes, an employee will need time off work for injury or illness which is covered by their policy up until the point where they return to employment. 

In other situations though it may be necessary to go through a court hearing in order arrive at fair agreement between both sides – employer versus employee – but when this happens workers’ comp insurance covers all fees associated with these proceedings so there isn’t anything else outstanding except medical treatment needs that have already begun before any agreements had been reached

Does Workmans Comp Pay Your Full Salary?

Workers’ compensation insurance does not cover the full salary, but it will pay up to about two-thirds of an employee’s regular salary.

Here’s what the insurance covers:

  • Necessary medical and hospital expenses for diagnoses and treatment, including follow-up appointments.
  • Disability payments while the employee is unable to work due to injuries.
  • The benefits of rehabilitation, physical therapy and retraining vary from state to state.

How Can Coastal Work Comp Brokers Help You?

Workers’ comp is a complicated topic and we understand that you may be hesitant to contact an insurance company. At Coastal Work Comp brokers are experts in the field, so don’t hesitate! We can help your business find coverage tailored specifically for its needs at prices that fit any budget – even ones on tight schedules (we know what it’s like).

Also, because you’re in the janitorial industry, you might be interested in the following:

We know how difficult it can be to secure insurance when your carrier is not willing or able. We also have the solution for those facing non-renewal from their current provider, coverage gaps that need addressing quickly before they become risks again and high experience modification numbers on file with us already!

At Pay-As You Go Plans, we make it easy for businesses of any size to live up their Workers’ Compensation obligations and avoid annual audits. Plus our plans offer professional risk management services at no extra cost! We can help your business thrive like never before by getting you out of the State Fund into one that better meets all needs – both legal ones too!.

Contact Coastal Work Comp Brokers Now to Get Started

Your search for workers’ compensation coverage for janitorial services is over. Call us, our team at Coastal Work Comp Brokers are ready explore your top options.

We are ready to be your trusted partner to help you through the process, so you can do what is necessary today to avoid costly problems in the future.

Call 1800-411-0733 and let our experts show you the best workers comp rates for janitorial companies.fromenenorAt Pay-As You Go Plans, we make it easy for businesses of any size to live up their Workers’ Compensation responsibility and avoid annual audits. Plus our plans offer professional risk management services at no extra cost! We can help your business thrive like never before by getting you out of the State Fund into one that better meets all needs – both legal ones too!.